All graduates of the Library Sciences schools in higher education can become members of the Association by submitting an application. The application may be submitted in two ways.

With an electronic form
You can complete the form electronically and submit it to AGLIS. AGLIS will contact you to confirm your data.

With a printed form
You can complete the application and send to AGLIS by clicking on the link e-mail.

The cost of registration is 5 Euro and the annual subscription is 20 Euro.

Students at Library Science schools can register as novice members with an annual fee of 10 Euro.

Members who have discontinued their subscription can re-register at AGLIS by submitting the same application, with the notation: re-registration.

There is a special member category for libraries which are invited to submit a relevant application. The member libraries are those that have subscribed to the EEBEP / AGLIS magazine “LIBRARIES AND INFORMATION” for their collections. The cost of an annual subscription is 100 Euro (+ VAT).

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