The Association of Greek Librarians and Information Scientists was established in 1968 and is the only recognized Panhellenic scientific association for Greek librarians.

The Association has multiple objectives, the main ones being:

  1. The recognition and promotion of library science and the recognition of the role of the librarian in the community, the application of professional ethics, and the discussion of librarianship issues at all levels in Greece.
  2. To promote the development and modernization of libraries in Greece so that we can meet the demands of the community for:
  • education,
  • research,
  • information,
  • free exchange and flow of ideas,
  • development and promotion of literacy programs to reduce illiteracy in Greece.
  • publicity of authors and books.
  1. Providing librarians with information about the developments in their science by organizing conferences, workshops, and meetings with other organizations and institutions that are active in similar areas.
  2. Upgrading libraries and modernizing their technology so that libraries can be information centers for all citizens and so they can develop and offer modern methods of customer service.
  3. The evaluation and utilization of the wealth of information that is available in modern media (the internet) and social media and making the media accessible to all citizens through the libraries.

So far, the Association of Greek Librarians and Information Scientists has held several seminars and workshops on specialized topics and seven Panhellenic conferences.  AIGLIS has also published a series of manuals and journals.

 At the same time, the Association is a member of international organizations (EBLIDA, IFLA) and has an advisory role in its areas of expertise.  AGLIS collaborates with various institutions in Greece to promote developments in organizing and disseminating information (Ministry of Education, National Document Centre, National Book Centre of Greece, etc.).


The Municipal Libraries Committee

The Charter Committee

Training and Events Committee

Member Files and Data Committee

Journals and Publications Committee

School Libraries Committee

Medical and Hospital Libraries Committee

The Committees’ work is important as the committees not only recommend to the Board of Directors the formulation of policies for the Association but also take necessary action when and where it is needed.

The participation and involvement of as many colleagues as possible is considered necessary as times are especially difficult both for the personnel as well as for the collaborative communication amongst libraries.  Consequently, we are at a critical crossroads both because of the continued financial crisis in Greece and because of the new role that libraries are being asked to play.

We believe that, under these circumstances, collective thought and action are required.

Please contact AGLIS at the email address for information and to register your participation in the Association.