«Evidence for Global & Disaster Health Special Interest Group Sponsor: Health and Biosciences Libraries Section (HBS)

Satellite Meeting Call for Papers
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Thursday 23 August 2018

Theme: Evidence for global and disaster health – where are we now
and where do we need to be

Health and Biosciences Libraries Section is sponsoring a new special
interest group, Evidence for Global & Disaster Health [E4GDH]

E4GDH will contribute to this year’s WLIC theme of “Transform Libraries,
Transform Societies” with a satellite meeting exploring how libraries in
health and allied sectors can play an increasing role in programmes to
reduce disaster risk, loss of life, livelihoods and health.

Innovative models to support global and disaster health are emerging and a
recent evidence briefing showed that library and information centres have
a very important role to play in terms of providing support during, and
after disasters.

We invite anyone with an interest or experience related to this theme to
submit abstracts,
and later full papers, particularly those which provide transferable
examples of current practice, or which outline the developments needed to
build skills, partnerships and resilience.

We are keen to enable sharing and learning from different perspectives and
so welcome  submissions from a wide range of roles including librarians
and information officers; health and public health professionals;
systematic reviewers; humanitarian and voluntary sector workers, and
relief coordinators.

Abstracts are invited for either full papers or for lightning talks.
Deadline for submission of abstracts: Monday 12 March 2018

See the full call for papers on the IFLA WLIC 2018 website.

Evidence for Global and Disaster Health Special Interest Group
Evidence for global and disaster health – where are we now and where do we
need to be?»

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